Genealogical Sources Checklist

Can't find who you are looking for ?
Use this checklist to make sure that you have checked all possible sources !!
AGE: Census, Vital Records, Cemeteries, Military Records, Taxation, Obituaries 

BIRTH DATE: Vital Records, Church Records, Bible Records, Cemeteries, Obituaries, Census, Newspapers, Military Records 

BIRTH PLACE: Vital Records, Church Records, Census, Newspapers, Obituaries, Military Records 

CITY OR PARISH OF FOREIGN BIRTH: Church Records, Genealogy, Biography, Obituaries, Naturalization and Citizenship, Emigration and Immigration, Vital Records, History 


DEATH: Vital Records, Cemeteries, Probate Records, Church Records, Obituaries, Newspapers, Military Records, Court Records, Land and Property 

DIVORCE: Court Records, Divorce Records, Newspapers, Vital Records 

ETHNICITY: Minorities, Native Races, Societies, Church Records, Emigration and Immigration, Naturalization and Citizenship 

HISTORICAL BACKGROUND: History, Periodicals, Genealogy, Church History, Minorities 

IMMIGRATION OR EMIGRATION DATE: Emigration and Immigration, Naturalization and Citizenship, Genealogy, Census, Biography, Newspapers, Church Records 

MAIDEN NAME: Vital Records, Church Records, Newspapers, Bible Records, Military Records, Cemeteries, Probate Records, Obituaries 

MARRIAGE: Vital Records, Church Records, Census, Newspapers, Bible Records, Biography, Genealogy, Military Records, Probate Records, Land and Property, Nobility. 

OCCUPATION: Census, Directories, Emigration and Immigration, Civil registration, Occupations, Probate Records, Newspapers, Court Records, Obituaries, Officials and Employees 

PARENTS, CHILDREN & OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS: Vital Records, Church Records, Census, Probate Records, Obituaries, Bible Records, Newspapers, Emigration and Immigration, Land and Property 

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Military Records, Biography, Court Records, Naturalization and Citizenship, Civil Registration, Church Records, Emigration and Immigration, Genealogy, Newspapers 

PLACE-FINDING AIDS: Gazetteers, Maps, Directories, History, Periodicals, Land and Property, Taxation 

PLACE (TOWN) OF RESIDENCE WHEN YOU KNOW ONLY THE STATE: Census, Genealogy, Military Records, Vital Records, Church Records, Directories, Biography, Probate Records, History, Land and Property, Taxation 

PLACES FAMILY HAS LIVED: Census, Land and Property, History, Military Records, Taxation, Obituaries 

PREVIOUS RESEARCH (Compiled Genealogy): Genealogy, Periodicals, History, Biography, Societies, Nobility 

RECORD-FINDING AIDS: Archives and Libraries, Societies, Genealogy, Periodicals 

RELIGION: Church Records, History, Biography, Civil Registration, Bible Records, Cemeteries, Obituaries, Genealogy 

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