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Hello and Wilkommen!

I have been doing genealogy research on my family and related lines for a few years now, and I wanted to put up a web page to help others on their journey. In my pages I have included a page for links, which I am constantly adding to. I have traced various lines of my family to Belgium, Germany, and Prussia, so you will find links for general information and links specific to Belgium, Germany and the United States. I have put up a page for tools also, which includes printable forms and other useful items. I have also put up a page with all of my surnames. Please search my database, and if we have any names in common, email me so that we can share and compare information! As is life, this page is an ongoing effort and is constantly under construction.

This page is dedicated to my parents, Joan and Randy, and my ancestors, without whom I would not be here. A BIG thank you to Georges Picavet, the list owner of BELGIUM-ROOTS-L at Rootsweb and a way cool guy, for his help, his advice, and his fabulous mailing list on Belgian Genealogy. Without his guidance, I would have lost my line at the water's edge. Hi Georges !!! Also, a HUGE thank you and a BIG kiss and hug to my good friend and probable cousin, (we just have not found the link yet !), Jean-Claude Nisol, who helped me track down my great great grandparents in Belgium. Merci beaucoup, JiCe, and remember that I am with you !!! A SUPREME thank you to my cousin, Carrie Bodensteiner, for her wonderful Homepage on Family Tree Maker that gave me what I needed to get started with a bang !! Muchisimas gracias, Carrie !!!

Just a few quick notes; on these pages you will find very little information that I have not verified through my own additional research, whether in person, through numerous phone calls, or after countless hours writing letters and/or emails. While I think the internet is a great starting point in your genealogical search, much of the information included in web pages and online trees, (Rootsweb, Family Tree Maker, and, is just copied from someone else’s web page, and that information is copied from someone else’s web page, and so on. No attempt to verify the information is made by the person posting the information. While I will not point a finger at any particular individual , I will say that this rampant copying without verification of the information has led to quite a bit of misinformation floating around in cyberspace. If you can get a head start by using someone else’s tree, by all means do it; just research the information yourself to make sure that it is accurate. DO NOT RELY ON THE INTERNET AS YOUR ONLY SOURCE OF INFORMATION. The second note that I wanted to add is that on these pages you will find no information that is not readily available through public records. I have had a few requests to remove birth dates and death dates, as well as other identifying information, which could lead to identity theft. I will never list any personal information that is not already available in public records. My third and last note is this: I have the only accurate information on Sabina Ritter, wife of Levi Stuber, on the web!

Good luck, and happy hunting !!!

I am actively seeking info on the following names: Quinn, Ponds, West, Reppert, Ritter, Trump, Willenbecher, Sassaman, Duzak, Nisol, Van den Abeele, Mory, Hildebrand, and Stuber. If you have information on any of these families, please email me.



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